Background on the immune system

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that unite to protect the body from any external risks and attacks by microbes

The main functions of the immune system
The immune system has two main tasks:
1. An external task: to protect the body from any external factors that may harm it.
2. An internal task: to supervise the body’s cells and ensure that they carry out their daily tasks smoothly and maintain that the number of harmful bodies resulting from metabolism does not rise above a certain limit

When does the immune system begin to collapse and collapse?
Your immunity begins by showing signs of weakness in the following cases:
1. When the number of attackers increases from spores and foreign objects!
2. When he is attacked in a period of his temporary and instantaneous weakness.
3. When it loses its ability to distinguish between friendly cells in the body and harmful cells outside the body.
4. When the immune system is already weak from birth!
Immune booster tips
Avoid smoking.
Doing regular exercise.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Are you a sad person? Support your immune system with a laugh!
Avoid stress, anxiety, and stress
Are you a person prefer isolation? Mix and mix with others!
Get enough sleep.
Follow some tips to avoid getting an infection, such as keeping your hands washed frequently.
Cook enough meat.
Reducing stress and pressure

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